Meara Welch Browne, P.C. has been engaged by the United States government, state attorneys general, judges, attorneys and litigants to assist in legal matters in federal, state and county courts within Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Florida, Georgia, California, New York and Pennsylvania. We have consulted and testified on a variety of issues, including business valuation, economic damages, fraudulent financial reporting, collusion and anti-trust matters, employee defalcation, accounting malpractice, business capitalization, lender liability, and insolvency. In the last five years, we have participated as an expert or consultant in more than 100 legal actions, have testified over 50 times in court or in deposition, and have been engaged by more than 50 law firms.

We employ leading industry-proven and accepted forensic, statistical and database software along with professionals trained in the use of each to provide our litigation clients the edge they need to have the very best chance at a positive resolution. We can forensically analyze all platforms of digital evidence. We have been involved in the successful resolution of cases involving the analysis of billions of records and hundreds of thousands of documents.

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Meara Welch Browne has provided exceptional service on complex engagements since 1977. Our firm specializes in more than just tax and auditing; we offer litigation support and fraud investigation assistance, as well as forensics support, business valuations technology consulting and other complex business consulting. Our associates are dedicated to exceptional service and genuine integrity.

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