As a result of the new Kansas law that increases the Kansas tax rates on individuals retroactive to January 1, 2017, the Kansas Department of Revenue has released new withholding tables.  Since the change in the law is retroactive to January 1 and since there will be an additional increase in Kansas individual income taxes in 2018, the withholding tables were updated to reflect the higher 2018 tax year withholding tax rates.  The department thinks this will allow most employees to catch up on their withholding for tax year 2017 and not require an additional change to the amount of withholding again in 6 months.  The updated withholding tables are available at (at the bottom of the page “Withholding tax tables Single or Married – Updated 6/17).  As a reminder, Kansas will not assess any penalties and interest arising from the underpayment of taxes due to the changes to the tax rates, as long as, the underpayment is rectified on or before April 17, 2018.