Starting this year, many C corporations have an additional month to file Federal tax returns.  Previously C corporations using a calendar year-end had to file by March 15.  Beginning with 2016 returns, that date is now April 15.  Such corporations can also request an automatic extension of time to file the tax return.  While the law allows only a 5 month extension period (which would be until September 15), the IRS is being more generous and is allowing a 6 month extension period (until October 15).  Corporations must file Form 7004 to request the automatic extension period.  The extension period allows the corporation to file the tax return up to 6 months later and still be considered timely filed, however, any balance due must be paid by the original due date or penalties and interest will apply.

Note that the additional time is not granted to C corporations that use a June 30 fiscal year end.